General Maintenance

Established in 1418H (Greg: 1996), the Operation & Maintenance Division of Al-Hada Contracting Co. Ltd. has offered relevant services to set up its finest practices, enhanced effectiveness and improved performance in managing its projects. We have a specially skilled task force who excel in the area of Operations & Maintenance like Preventive Maintenance, Periodic Maintenance or Corrective Maintenance etc.,. We will support you by providing a team of experts in Equipment Installation, Maintenance and Upgrade, Upgrading or Revamping projects on existing systems, Commissioning, Technical Support and Assistance.

Our Skills include:

We are specialized in the areas of:

  • Reliability & Plant maintenance
  • Water Desalination Plants
  • On-site maintenance Chemical
  • Off-shore Operations
  • Plants
  • Technical & Industrial Services
  • Waste Water Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants

Project Management

Our Project Management Service Team has technically proficient personnel to expertly handle any or all phases of a project such as Bidding, Design, Construction, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning. The Team consists of a high quality and cost effective work force to provide the best project solution in all functional areas.

Our core focus sectors are:

Our Global Team comprises of highly qualified experts viz., Project Managers, Quality Managers, Construction Managers, Welding and Painting Inspectors, Designers, Planning Engineers, Procurement Specialists, Safety professionals, Construction Engineers & Supervisors

Our experts are involved in all phases of the projects like:

Designing and Planning

Accuracy and precision supported by a flair for design and a quest for innovative solutions, make our design team members, leaders in their field of work. The skills gained through the development of large and complex master plans and the conception and implementation of large infrastructural projects have enabled us to provide creative solutions and innovative designs.

Interior and Exterior Fit-Out

Al-Hada Contracting Co. Ltd. is renowned for innovative space management with sustainable focus on pragmatic designs.
The company is specialize in providing interior design services for commercial, residential, medical and educational, etc.

Al-Hada Contracting Co. Ltd. has always gone beyond aesthetics to give its clients much more than their expectations. From the rigors of space analysis to planning and from design to construction, our professionals work in synchronize format with clients to provide apt results. Our commitment to creative excellence is matched by impeccable attention to details.

Al-Hada Contracting Co. Ltd. is committed to provide originality in design and solutions that is commercially effective. Our aim is to give every project its own identity.


Due to the arid climate found throughout the region, landscaping and irrigation has become both a serious challenge. We provide landscaping for both residential and commercial, located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We offer a full range of services related to the design, construction and maintenance of gardens and green spaces. We are committed to demonstrating the wonderful side of nature, and at the same time to being as an integral part of the preservation process.

Al-Hada Contracting Co. Ltd. Landscaping and Irrigation Division covers the below services: