Corporate Ethics

Social Responsibility

Al-Hada Contracting Co. Ltd. is dedicated in revitalizing its people, resources, knowledge and experience committed to serve the community in which it is engaged.


Al-Hada Contracting Co. Ltd. providies premium quality construction services at fair rates, being responsive to the client's needs in a responsible and efficient manner.

Equal Opportunity Culture

A work environment that allows all employees in the group to achieve their potential.


One of the first priorities must be to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Al-Hada Contracting Co. Ltd. is devoted to maintaining high quality standards and upholds work ethics that empower employees and ensure better working conditions requisite for top quality production and customer satisfaction.


Al-Hada Contracting Co. Ltd. will continue to deal with customers, partners, employees and authorities with the highest levels of integrity and respect. We pride ourselves in our honesty and fairness in all relationships and in our responsibility to and accountability for our promises and actions. We are also committed to accurate and honest operational and financial records.