Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Work includes:

Site clearing, removal of existing materials, termite control treatment, Water proofing, structural concrete works, structural steel works, masonry works, structural thermal and moisture protection, Gypsum board wall partition, wooden & glass door installation, tiles, ceramic & vinyl floor and wall finishing, painting, sign boards.

Relocate existing drainage system, electrical cables, water supply line, existing trees, parking shade, concrete pavers. Excavation of soil for footing, steel columns for new building extension, backfilling, Construct new manholes and building. And also install stainless steel internal access ladder for manholes. Supply & Install siporex slab panel, external CHB cavity wall, water proof gypsum internal walls, Roofing system, plastering and finishing works.

Complete demolition and re-installation of existing wall partitions, removing of vinyl flooring, ceiling tiles, light fixtures, existing sink, AC, diffuser, power outlets, all low current utilities, HVAC system, MGS, Firefighting etc.

 Supply & Installation of Granite Sheet flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Vinyl wall cover, Vinyl PVC Panel fixing, Perforated Aluminum Ceiling Tiles, PVC wall handrail bumber